CNC Milling

PROMECHANICA is your right supplier as far as your requests for milling parts are concerned too. Our precision Mazak vertical centers, partially equipped with robots and two pallet changers achieve accuracies in 0.003mm range. Due to the technical specifications of the equipment and characteristics of our production processes, we do not manufacture prototypes and small production lots.

The scope of our milling capabilities is set on manufacturing CNC milled parts with minimum dimensions of at least 30 x 30 x 10mm and min. production lot sizes of 200 pcs. As it depends on the specifics of the individual products, please feel free to send us your request for quotation now. You can profit from our expertise in the cnc milling on Mazak VCS 430a, VCS 510C and VCP 400S vertical centers with more than 25.000 machining hours capacity per year.

CNC milling parts